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About Us

Customized Scalable Software Development

Tech Jump is a software consultancy and development company specializing in custom apps and scalable software solutions for large enterprises, small businesses, and technology startups.

Our Policies


Free Prototyping

Not sure about our services? Let us prove it to you! We'll provide you with a free prototype on the house so that you can get a better idea of what your money is buying


Fixed Price Guarantee

We do not charge by the hour, because in this industry that only leads to runaway costs and unfinished projects. Instead, we'll work hand in hand with you to agree upon a fixed cost and timeline at the start of the project. You'll only pay when a feature is completed and approved, providing you with full purchase protection


No Price Gouging

Our prices are fair and transparent. We don't believe in price gouging, and we don't believe in upcharging you for things that you don't need. We'll give you a quote, and that's what you'll pay. No hidden fees, no surprises


Free Bug Fixes and Maintenance

It is our responsibility to build perfect software. If you pay for a feature and you find a bug in it years later, that is our responsibility because you paid for a working feature. We take pride in what we build, because what we build represents us


Full Project Visibility

We deploy your project from day one so that you can always see your product being built. We provide extensive documentation on what we're building, the direction of the project, and the types of technology that we're using to ensure a clean handoff. We pride ourselves in maintaining a clear and direct line of communication between us and our clients

“Tech Jump is a technology transformation consultancy and software development company focused on custom, high-end computer programming. We deliver scalable applications and innovative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, start ups and enterprise clients.

We love coding, fast delivery and seeing our client's vision come alive. Our team has a great time during the entire production lifecycle."

Zain Lateef

Founder / President

Our Mission is to make creative and impactful apps

Our team is focused on helping you secure the best and most up-to-date technology, customized and scalable to meet the ever-growing needs of our fast-paced world.